Contest Rules & Operations 

American Living Organ Donor fund's  Be a Lifeline! Photo-story Contest and Fundraiser to help living organ donors.  

All photos and stories are welcome and do not need be about or from a living organ donor or recipient. 

October 15, 2017 (8:00 Am CST)- December 31, 2017 (Midnight, CST)


Here's how to enter:

1.  Submit one photo along with a story that describes what the image means to you.   The image and the words should complement and enhance one another.

2.  The photo should measure at least 1600 pixels on the longest edge. The word count must be 150 words or less.

3.  Each photo-story will be judged on creativity and composition. The photo comprises 50% of the total score and the story comprises 50% of the total score.

4.  Photo creativity (25%): The photo uses the subject to capture the attention of the viewer and create an impact.

5.  Photo composition (25%): There is a pleasing selection and arrangement of subjects within the picture area. There are no distracting or unrelated elements to the center of interest; nor are there too few elements.

6.  Story creativity (25%): The story enhances the impact of the image. The story goes beyond who, what, where, when and will include the why, that is, why the photo is meaningful to you.

7.  Story composition (25%): The language is clear and accessible. The story has an understandable connection to the image. Each sentence presents new information.

8.  Pay a $10.00 entry fee


Three professional photo-journalists, unaffiliated with ALODF, will judge the entries.  Each judge will independently rank their top three photos. The judges will then meet as a group, review their selections and ultimately narrow the winning entries to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

Prizes are as follows:

1st Place: $500.00

2nd Place: $250.00

3rd Place: $125.00

Be a Lifeline! will send notifications to winners by mail through the US Postal Service between January 15 - through January 20, 2018- Winners will be posted on the Be a Lifeline! Contest website on January 25, 2018 . The website will be live until January 31, 2018.


The submitter is the entrant and potential contest winner. Participants must be at least 18 years of age and residents of the United States.


By submitting your Entry, you: 1) irrevocably grant ALODN/F a royalty-free license throughout the world to use, re-use, copy, publish, republish in whole or in part, edit, add to, modify, and rearrange the Entry in whatever media, including without limitation, to edit, rearrange, and/or copy the Entry for use in the promotion of ALODN/F’s, without further permission, consideration or payment to you; 2) warrant and represent that the Entry is entirely the original creation/work and that use of the Entry as described herein will not violate any law or infringe upon the rights, title, claim or interest of any third party; 3) the Entry must only contain previously unpublished images from your personal collection (No professional photos, please);4) certify that you are the creator and sole copyright owner of the Entry, or that you have permission of the copyright holder to submit the Entry to this contest and grant the above licenses; and 5) acknowledge that If any Entry contains the name or likeness of a person or persons, the you are responsible for making sure the identified person consents to public display of their name or likeness.

Further, only first names may be used in the story that accompanies the Entry.

All contact information for the entrant must correspond to the name on the credit/debit card used to pay the contest entry fee.

Only one submission per entrant is allowed.

ALODN/F employees, directors, and their immediate family members are not eligible to enter. For purposes of this contest, “immediate family members” means legal parents, spouses, dependents, and siblings, whether residents of the same household or not.

No professional photographers may enter. For purposes of this ALODF Be a Lifeline contest, a professional photographer is someone who has earned more than $5,000 (USD) in the past 12 months by selling his/her photographs or by teaching in the field of photography.

Photo-story entries will comply with the content stipulations listed below and will be posted only after review and approval by the ALODN/F. Be a Lifeline submission reviewers reserve the right to perform minor edits to entries in regard to items such as typos, misspellings, photo size, and others. Stories must be written in English.

Photo-Story Content Stipulations. Entry may not contain, as determined by the ALODN/F, in its sole discretion, content that:

  • Is sexually explicit or suggestive, profane or pornographic; contains nudity, is obscene
  • Is unnecessarily violent or derogatory of any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group
  • Endorses any form of hate or hate group; defames, misrepresents, or contains disparaging remarks about other people or companies
  • Promotes alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, illegal use of firearms/weapons
  • Promotes any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous; and/or violates any law
  • Promotes any particular political agenda or message
  • Contains trademarks, logos, or trade dress (such as costumes, distinctive packaging or building exteriors/interiors) owned by others, without permission
  • Contains any personal identification such as license plate numbers, personal names, email addresses or street addresses
  • Contains copyrighted materials owned by others (including photographs, paintings, sculptures, or other works of art or images published on or in websites, television, movies or other media) without permission
  • Contains materials embodying the names, likenesses or other indications identifying any person, including, without limitation, celebrities and/or other public or private figures, living or dead
  • Communicates messages or images inconsistent with the positive images and/or good will with which we wish to associate Be a Lifeline!

The American Living Organ Donor Fund (ALODF) (aka American Living Organ Donor Network)  is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), tax-exempt charity dedicated to protecting the rights of living organ donors and providing them with the support they need to make their donations as stress free and cost-neutral as possible. Our financial statement (990 IRS annual tax filling), Articles of Incorporation, and Bylaws are available on GuideStar and upon written request at or from the Commonwealth of Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs.