ALODF Services for living organ donors:

kidney, liver, bone marrow and other

  • Direct grants to living organ donors through the ALODF to help with any and all non-medical expenses allowed to be covered under the National Organ Transplant Act (NOTA).
  • Fundraising for donor and donor's caregiver's non-medical donation related expenses, including lost wages through the ALODF.
  • Regularly updated information on state and federal programs such as tax exemptions/credits and other benefits for living organ donors. 
  • Our website has Articles with medical and policy information relevant to living organ donors.
  • Our Quarterly newsletter covers issues relevant to living organ donation.
  • Escrow services for recipients' to help with distributing funds to living organ donors without violating any laws against paying donors.
  • One on one buddy/donor mentor program.
  • Online support group for donors and potential donors only. 
  • Local networks in DC, New Haven, and more on the way.
  • Donor insurance advice and other advocacy.
  • Public education out-reach speaking engagements on the topic of living organ donation.
  • Lobbying to protect donor rights in Washington and at UNOS; tentatively admitted to UNOS as a voting member.
  • Free psychological counseling for donors we have assisted through the donation process.
  • Public awareness campaign “Dare to Ask” t-shirts that read “Ask Me About Living Organ Donation.”
  • T-Shirts “I Helped Save a Life” thank you gift for living organ donors who receive ALODF assistance.
  • In Progress: Spanish translation for the ALODF financial assistance application and other materials on our website. 
  • In Progress: Special advocacy for living organ donors and potential living organ donors who are veterans (in progress).

The American Living Organ Donor Fund (ALODF) (aka American Living Organ Donor Network)  is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), tax-exempt charity dedicated to protecting the rights of living organ donors and providing them with the support they need to make their donations as stress free and cost-neutral as possible. Our financial statement (990 IRS annual tax filling), Articles of Incorporation, and Bylaws are available on GuideStar and upon written request at or from the Commonwealth of Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs.